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Noob Army Origin [edit source]

Noob Armies in Blockate have been popping up to front pages since 2019, and a popular start of an army. Noob Armies are semi-realistic armies, which means they share some realism areas like trainings, but have few parts of fiction work, like noobs.

The first Noob Army was made by a username skai_2012, with help from OscarStol. The game had 7,900 blocks at its peak, but griefed by an admin/high ranking that was enlisted there. After a few hours of the game down, people noticed and took action by creating their OWN Noob Armies. Ever since then, those armies became huger and popular, with the special feature of semi-realistic

An army that started and became popular at a big streak 1 month, was Blue Noob Army. Created by Andr31d3n, it had 2,600 visits at peak and was popular. The Current Blue Noob Army has been remade by Vizereh, who wish to make it much more better. Vizereh has permissions with all the past commanders, and it has been approved to remake Blue Noob Army..

Currently, there are about 90 Noob Armies, including the 1st Noob Army ever made

Noob Army Status[edit source]

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Popularity (Approx.) Title Creator/s
2,600 Visits Blue Noob Army Andr31d3n/Jakebertss/Vizereh
1,600 Visits Noob Army Skai_2012