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Info[edit | edit source]

If you want to learn all these glitches in game, then you can join Maxo's Glitch Tutorial, and you can learn all of these there. (https://blockate.site/3608900699) The glitches will be more easily explained there.

Wall Hopping[edit | edit source]

Since < and > no longer turn you, you can't wall hop as easily as before. To learn how to do this watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF6f0S8d7cs. Basically what you do is you have to flick your camera when you are on the wall, and if you time it correctly, you will double jump on the wall, and you can go forever!

Wall Clipping[edit | edit source]

If you are at a corner in the wall, go against the corner and look at your face (your character will turn invisible), then zoom in and hold s, you will go through the wall. You can also do the same if you look in the gap of 2 blocks.

Gear Jump/Hop[edit | edit source]

Gear jumping is done by running, dropping your gear, then holding space bar so you basically double jump. If you do this at just the right time, you will be able to double jump. You can also go farther if you don't hold jump and jump a little later. If you have 2 gears, then if you do it just right where you can pick up the gear after you jump on it, then you will be able to go infinitely! With one gear you can jump 5 blocks across, and 4 blocks high.

Escape Teleporters[edit | edit source]

If there is a teleporter that teleports to the same block that the teleporter is on, then you will be stuck. But if you say /e cheer then jump when the emote jumps, you will be able to escape. This is because the emote has a small jump which allows you to get out of the teleporter.

Avoid Kill Blocks[edit | edit source]

If you jump on a kill block near the top then there is a chance that you can avoid being killed and just jump over it. It can happen with a Slab, and also certain blocks with sharp tops such as Pyramids and Prisms.

Climb Ladders Faster[edit | edit source]


Tracer[edit | edit source]

This glitch doesn't record very well, however when standing on a tele block that teleports you to a tele block that teleports you back to the first tele block, you may see two places appear on screen at once. This allows you to be in two places at the same time. The glitch is named after Tracer, the Overwatch character, due to the teleporting property. The Tracer glitch happens in AFK machines when using a tele.

This glitch happens because when two scenes are swapped really fast it your eyes make it look like you can see both at the same time

Phantom Blocks[edit | edit source]

This glitch happens most often in high lag times, where the game will register a block without it being there. This can result in players standing on air, or being unable to see blocks that are placed in the spot of the old phantom block. It can be fixed with a rejoin

Body swap grid/Chair teleports[edit | edit source]

If someone else sits on a chair and you body swap with them, the chair moves with them and you can end up glitching the chair off the grid. You can get the same chair teleport outcome if you are on a timetele and sit on a chair then wait for the teleporting time go off.

No Owner[edit | edit source]

When you try to perm someone with same words as your username, this may happen.