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Annoying Glitches[edit source]

Before I write these down, please take note that this is not to report a glitch, but to take note of the glitches inside Blockate. There are many types of glitches (glih-tshiz) in Blockate, some help you like wall-hopping, and some don't. This article explains the types of annoying glitches that are available on Blockate. To start everything up, the first sub-heading is:

Perm Removal[edit source]

This looks like an innocent way to unperm everyone after an abusage of commands, but this happened to very few Blockate games and is very different. This glitch starts off with all the perms being turned into a visitor. This happens a lot when "!world" is said or "V" is pressed when you immediately join, but then in JM11_ro's game "the epic pool" it stayed there for a long time. A few minutes later, it showed up for a bit and then repeated the same thing over and over again. This glitch was reported to Wispnya, still waiting for a response.

Empty Spot[edit source]

This happens sometimes on Blockate where there is a perm that doesn't show. It basically doesn't do much but it makes the credit for other people removed. People who have this glitch either has: A- A bad computer. B- The person who is being credited has a disabled account. Or C- The player was banned from the game (which is VERY VERY VERY unlikely).

Hub Broken[edit source]

This is usually when the hub breaks, here are the things that MAY happen:

  1. Pressing V or C to open up world or menu doesn't work (as well as saying !world or !menu)
  2. Everyone's avatar turns grey or into a noob.
  3. When the hub menu gets fixed, you can join worlds but it can take 5-10 minutes to load the blux, hub button, building menu, and more.

Glitched Decals[edit source]

The glitch happens when someone places a decal on the ocean, and the decal appears in the sky. Sadly, it doesn't let you delete this in any way.

Unbreakable Blocks[edit source]

Unbreakable blocks usually are blocks that you try to delete, yet they remain there. This can be commonly fixed by rejoining, which causes the block you wanted to break to be deleted. But usually, after you rejoin, other blocks will not break until you rejoin. The only way to fix it for a while is by leaving Blockate for 15 minutes or so, or keep on leaving and rejoining around 10 times until it stops happening.