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Hello[edit source]

This page is about suggested hats. If you have any hat ideas.. you can add it here! Egg hunt 2020 hat form: here.

Earth Hat[edit source]

This Hat Spawns In 10,000 Random Worlds For 2:30 Every 30 Seconds.

Aqua Hat[edit source]

This Dragon Hat can be found inside Aquatic in Any of the games it is in. 10% Chance to find each time you join any of those games

Water, Ice & Flow Hat[edit source]

You need to touch A Tsunami, A Shice and a Draco Respectively to get it in Pokemon Water, Ice & Flow.

Roada Rolla Da Hat[edit source]

Find Dio in any of XENIXXeno's Games, Then find a Road Roller.

OOF Head[edit source]

Find 2 Noob Skins and Kill them.

Radiation In a Bottle[edit source]

It has a Green Smoke Particle Effect. It will be found in Portal: Blockate, Inside a Bottle of Cola.