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DISCLAIMER: This page is not frequently updated, meaning that worlds that get renamed, or worlds that get added will likely not be added nor changed. Please contribute to this page by updating it!

Featured Worlds are worlds that get personally rated by staff if the world is good enough in quality and creativity. Here is a list:

Note: Any side notes in titles like [WIP] [Featured World] will not be included, nor temporary title changes.

List of Featured Worlds currently
World Name Creator Language
Portal: Blockate Edition fewkz English
Quest For Color happyfirecat4 English
Automatic Simon Says RocketRules1 English
Mirror Mania friendlydofo English
Lost In Time friendlydofo English
Display Of Blockate Science Specimens friendlydofo English
Gem Savior friendlydofo English
Blockate Grand Library Loreliciouss English
Quest for the Lost Minis ReadyHappiness English
Starship Explorer Xxxxxxx0xxxxxxX English
Pastry Paradise Loreliciouss English
Floors Naulitius English
Quest for 3D Naulitius English
TNT Run: Blockate Edition kpmaxo English
Watch Paint Dry: The Game Every1sCircunyation English
Blockate Theatre haz3mn English
Quad-Corner SevereWeatherWatch English
Don't Dig Straight Down UnknownBlackHole English
is pvp crab_talk English
Abysmal Night 2stefani1 English
Chaos 2stefani1 English
The Crystal Chronicles JusticeOtter12 English
oof adventure Hatterned English
Listener Hatterned English
game is ____ Hatterned English
Ghost in the Machine Hatterned English
Stun Ball! Hatterned English
The Royal Casino 2 Fightking04 English
They Lurk | Act One Georgexiety English
MODERN FRAUD Battle_ForDreamIslad English
Seton Estonia Vllrnt English
Undertale: Blockate Edition toopshii English
Survival ⚡ Sprint Vap0r_GamerX0708 English
Blox Theft Auto 3 CodeTester_Sence2014 English
overcooked blozorn English
Elite Builders: Origin blozorn English
7000 FEET BELOW blozorn English
golfing goal blozorn English
N01R blozorn English
No Way Out... SevereWeatherWatch English
KNOCKOUT SevereWeatherWatch English
Lake Erie, October 31st. SevereWeatherWatch English
Glaggleland Town Square SevereWeatherWatch English
Pumpkin🎃Dungeon CombAtAz_Az English
Blue Moon UnerringCanoe478 English
End of An Era Injectware English
Night of the Pumpkin King Mio2y English
Luscious Shores kieduck English
Cafe Rush kieduck English
Presento 2D kieduck English
Town of Poly kieduck English
Castle Rush kieduck English
Temple Teamwork kieduck English
Sky Craft kieduck English
Cocoa Springs: Dracula's Revenge atomictangerin English
Cocoa Springs Mountain atomictangerin English
The Duke Mansion coalaussus English
For Whom the Dice Rolls Spookities English
City By The Bay IncVelec English
The Easter Caverns LeHtoo English
Wicked Willow Shores Loreliciouss English
Train Riding Simulator krispykreem English
GHOST HUNTING 101 JustOddlyWeird English
Battle Attacks Samooraii English
How Did We Get Here sleepivrc English
Eden mememasterYT65910 English
Automatic TV: Rewatched NoNoobsAllowedYT English
Re:Fight 2stefani1 English
Block Oasis 2stefani1 English
Automatic Mining Simulator monstermasher40 English
Shark Hunt TheLoonyCrazy English
Japanese Naval Port pluszilla English
Star Quest RyansNutella English
Blockate Manor Bad_Yam English
Cresentpeak Sugarelle English
banana defenders Slayer_Golden English
Block Egghunt marcie_wav English
44 M0KIF English
Knives Out Vap0r_GamerX0708 English
Maze Venture vip6D English
Quest For A Feature NOOBLESZ English
Haunted Haven 007FunGuy English
The Quasar Fleet ImEskos English
Preparation Mayhem ThisGeorg English
The Mountain that Breaks Reality: A Rift Through Time Manatee768 English
Skylen Fall Sugarelle English
Area concepts babyhowislife English
Lonely Island blackirongaming English
Crimson Castle blackirongaming English
Nyit Village blackirongaming English
High Street Bad_Yam English
The Gamer War mayroii English
Thanksgiving Table Blockate English
Where's Wally? Chumpyboy855 English
Subject No. 24 BusyBeesGo_Buzz English
CUBE CAPTURE Seisir English
Princeton City WizardTheHector English
Super Roblox 64 Remake HypFalcon English
door game. MillanYoureBad English
Winter Event Hub 2018 PlxsmaPNG English
Use Ur Brain UnknownBlackHole English
Blockate is Dying Leo_Deer English
Legend of the Glitch Leo_Deer English
Legend of the Glitch: REPROGRAMMED Leo_Deer English
Blockate is Dying Leo_Deer English
Aurora Advent ander1008 English
bright as gold ivebenhere10yearslol English
Citadel City, Dimension 6 RenZone_oo English
Naulitius' Citadels of Hell Naulitius English
Amplified Falls Injectware English
Blockate RPG Maxim1001 English
Forsaken Chimney royal_Zedd English
Mini Map Robin6621 English
i built a spaceship braxx001 English
i built another spaceship braxx001 English
i built a third spaceship braxx001 English
i built a space station braxx001 English
The Guidance of the Lantern Itz_Blqck English
Mystical Mushroom Forest 3DArtists English
The Airship EndMySuff3r2 English
Comedy Night NoNoobsAllowedYT English
Labyrinth of Forbidden Love royal_Zedd English
The Vibed Cafe igskye English
Deltarune Hometown Snowy_Day2017 English
Crypt of The Preserved Georgexiety English
The Basic Game 2 PR0_202 English
Days Before Christmas IncVelec English
Harvest Island royal_Zedd English
Astral Endeavors JacobAngelHead English
TIME EGGSCALATION ander_1008 English
D-Day Fightking04 English
Skull Dungeon 2 XRadRobot English
Festive Archipelago braxx001 English
Avarice Easter aliacuca English
Admetus armando2nd1 English
Constellation Creators FurredBandit English
steal progress: the game SethHarry_Decals English
Learn To Die 2stefani1 English
I'm not a robot Zernthailand English
Tropical Endeavour juancamilo130 English
Duo Teamwork Obby! Whoknows_87 English
Explore i verse TheRetroNerd English
Run 2! doggoko1234 English
Sword Towers RyansNutella English
A Calm Place Injectware English
find the slobs³ Nattapong10012 English
Floating Islands EndMySuff3r2 English
Marmalade dekkrkz English
Coastal Row ACpiggy English
canceled SebbieMonstre English
Steampunk City ACpiggy English
This is the Game Slayer_Golden English
Travel Trove Naulitius English
Papers, Please moltengaming179 English
Skull Dungeon XRadRobot English
Santa's Wonderland Mio2y English
Shingle-ton SirHatford English
The Cove Seisir English
WHITEOUT nlamia English
Octosquid Corporation Quantum Physics Labortory octosquid02 English
Dystopia TheLoonyCrazy English
Cold Carnage SynthPurple English
adventure story briannguyen06 English
A.C.F-35 Fallination English
Eternal Winterfall IntendedLolz English
Blockate Theater! Dr_Dukeroo English
Temple of the Golden Crown XxSWxX English
Bismarck pinksheep12345454545 English
ball obby sanako_4 English
A Snowman's Dominance Hivycomb English
Twisted Summit TheLoonyCrazy English
Guts & Machinary 1.0 floppa_nature English
Glacier Golfing FullyFilled English
Eternal Winterfall IntendedLolz English
When The Stars Align doggyloverboy English
what do I do with this feature? Vorlight English
Death on the Day of Christmas SynthPurple English
a generic train simulator 2 Cozmotion English