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Vaguestfilly, or now known as "vanguest153" is a Roblox User made in 2017, on Christmas Day.

Joined Status
2020 Banned
  • 1 - History
  • 2 - Active World
  • 3 - Termination?


vanguest153 used to be in R.A.F.B, being a Anti-Furry and harrased Furries in 2021, he's now retired and had bonded with Furries as his friends. Some of his friends(poopykittens2 and others) gave him less than 600K Bluxs, worth of 10-35k of Robuxs.

Active World

vanguest153's "Vaguest's Cafe" world,(now known as ???) was first in the active world somewhere in 2020 or 2021, only lasting for a few minutes.


vanguest153 was falsely banned for "exploiting" in late 2023, you can't exploit in a cheap budget Android Tablet that can only hold up to 23k block worlds...

vanguest153 never played in PC, only mobile, it was always mobile.