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Community/Cleaning Co. controversy: !resetworld.
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Cleaning Co, also known as 'Cleaning Co. Moppers' is a griefing group on Blockate made by the user "OldPlat". They are mostly inactive.

Methods of griefing[edit source]

One of the ways that they griefed was that they created "warp pillars" which they would construct in games to warp to their main worlds, where they would often hire new recruits. Some would just be warps at a spawn. All of them would send them to the Cleaning Co game.

They mainly grief "bad" worlds, such as Free Builds or Office games.

Enemies[edit source]

Some people have attempted to gone up and go against them. May have worked sometime. Some examples are Fixing Co and Messing Co. Some users have also attempted to do so. Personally, I'm one myself.

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Owner[edit source]

The current owner of the group Cleaning Co. is a Blockate player by the username of OldPlat, OldPlat is currently banned along with his alts OldPIat, ElderlyPIat, and multiple other accounts on both several different worlds, and potentially the entire blockate game. Though he is not the original creator.

[Then who is?]