Blockate Wiki:Page Layouts

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There are many pages in the Blockate Wiki, as a result they should be laid out in a particular manner. This page (and subsequent sub-pages) are designed to guide editors as to how they should lay out every page, and provide a base when new ones are created. To make a new page, go to one of the sub-pages listed below, copy all the code into the new page and start editing!

  • Commands
  • Community Members
    • Only make community pages for notable members such as blockate staff or famous members from the community.
  • Events
  • Worlds
    • Do not make world pages for disposable worlds. (ex. free builds that are only popular for a few hours)
    • All world pages must meet at least one of the following requirements.
      • Be featured
      • Have over 75,000 blocks
      • Have over 200 unique visits