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[Metropollop City]
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Overview[edit | edit source]

Metropollop City is a Showcase / Roleplay game created in March 2023. The game has over 125 buildings and has 2 districts: Slum/Residential and Financial/High-rise districts.

The Slum/Residential district has around 40-50 buildings at the time of making this, while the Financial/High-rise district has 30-40 buildings. Although it may look like there are around 50-60 buildings in the city, most of the actual buildings are in the small alleyways and tunnels all around.

Building IDs[edit | edit source]

Building IDs are used for identifying buildings in case another building has the same name or has a similar design. There are over 100 building IDs around the city. It is also used to know which building was made first,

Notable Buildings[edit | edit source]

Financial/High-rise District

  • Jemack10's Advertising Agency - Tallest building in Metropollop..
  • Bluesea Hotel - First building with over 5 floors.
  • Standard Call Center Company Building - First 5-story office building.
  • Cal 100 - Has building ID 100.
  • Bard-Scheme Apartments - Most Crowded Building.
  • Masrorov Hotel - Tallest Building made by the owner of Metropollop.
  • Backn HQ - First office not made by the owner of Metropollop.
  • The Black Market Shop - ID 107, in between all the towers.
  • Metropollop Central Bank - Only bank in Metropollop as of 2024.

Slum/Residential District

  • Azareac Hotel & Restaurant - Tallest building in Slum/Residential District.
  • HTL Building - Has building ID 1..
  • HashimiAmar's House - It is the first house that isn't built by the owner of Metropollop.
  • Metropollop Regional Airport - It is the only airport in Metropollop as of 2/2/24, but that may change in the foreseeable future.
  • Celux Cafe - Famous Cafe for celebrities, disguised with many slum-like things called "urban camouflage".
  • Hotaru Cafe - The best public cafe in Metropollop, is competing with Celux to raise money for certain countries.

History[edit | edit source]

When the city was first built, the Slum Zone had around give or take 8-14 buildings, and there were no interesting things for players to do at the time. SanOOOFSanes was one of the first builders to join the city and have actually built a building, which is a restaurant with a apartment on top of it.

A few months later, in around the middle of 2023, the Financial/High-rise district was made, which got more players to the game. The Financial/High-rise district contains the Jemack Complex, which are 3 buildings that are designed the same way, and is one of the most iconic buildings in the city.

Griefs weren't a problem since the game never makes it into the front page, and also the declining of griefers in Blockate. There were only a few times the game was griefed, but that was just lighting brightness and painting all over the place. One time, one of the builders made a 1-1 WTC in the game, but it got erased as well as some other buildings because there was a backup before those buildings were made.

The game is now being slowly abandoned since builders are losing interest or simply forgot about it or don't care about it. The last person who was making consistent updates and new buildings to the game was BlockatePollop2, which is the alternate account of the owner of Metropollop City, Pollop74_Leader2

Credits[edit | edit source]

Notable Builders

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Tallest Building is Jemack10's Advertisement Agency with 9 floors and a antenna
  • The Tallest Building by the creator of Metropollop City is the Masrorov Hotel
  • There are less than 20 bathrooms in the entire city (lol).

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