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Blockate Hub: !resetworld.
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The first hub in Blockate before changing.

Overview[edit source]

The Blockate Hub is the starting place in Blockate, not to be confused with Blockate Event Hub worlds. When players first join Blockate, they are sent here. The world GUI is open automatically, but players can click the exit button to view the hub. The hub rotates between well-made community created worlds.

Features[edit source]

Features of the Blockate Hub can be seen by clicking the exit button. Certain features within the hub are unable to be recreated within normal worlds.

Ball Dispenser[edit source]

The Ball Dispenser is a machine that can be found within all of the various different hubs. Upon clicking the button on the machine, you are able to purchase a pet ball for 10 robux! The ball stays around for exactly 4 minutes, and the timer can be seen counting down on the back of the ball. Additionally, the faces and colors on the balls are randomized.

The Ball Dispenser machine and a ball in the hub world, “Izolovano Selo.”

World Roulette[edit source]

The World Roulette is a small area that can be found within all of the various different hubs. Every 30 seconds, all players within the square are warped to a completely random Blockate world; unfortunately, most of the time this feature is broken.

Sign[edit source]

There are Signs quite close to each spawn-point within hubs. This sign looks incredibly similar to the one found on the starter island. The sign used to have a sign command used on it that read “Welcome to the hub! Press C to join a Blockate World,” but was changed to say “Welcome to the hub! Press C to view the worlds you can join.”

A simple sign within the world, “Overgrown Subway.”

History[edit source]

  • The hub has been around since Blockate Beta.
  • The text on the sign was changed when the world GUI was updated.
  • World roulette was added in July 8th, 2018.
  • The smoke block was mysteriously added to the hub in September, 2018. It showcased effects before they were added.
  • Advanced lighting is showcased in newer hub worlds, likely as a test.

Hub Worlds[edit source]

Blockate has had many community-created hub worlds over its lifespan, which can be seen below!

  • Old Hub
  • Fantasy Platforms
  • Ancient Hub
  • Sci-Fi Island
  • Sci-Fi Station
  • Cartoony Islands
  • Cartoony Town
  • Old Roblox Hub
  • Tropical Island
  • Urban Subway
  • Halloween 2020
  • Overgrown Subway
  • Steampunk Castle
  • La Città Vuota
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Izolovano Selo
  • Marmelade

Misc[edit source]

  • The Blockate UI drop down tab within the Blockate Hub has different functions than within normal worlds. Only the menu and command buttons work, but the !world command can show the players list and world info.
  • Certain Blockate Hubs have secret areas, like Izolovano Selo and La Città Vuota.
  • The Blockate Hub used to have a white neon ball when servers were first created, likely left over from movable density testing.

Trivia[edit source]

  • Blockate Staff are able to build in the hub.
  • The Blockate Hub has served and still serves as a test place for new concepts like effects, advancing lighting, etc.
  • The Blockate Hub has no visits nor earnings.